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The first question nearly all my new clients ask: when am I going to see results? Let me relieve you of having to ask this question by answering it here and provide you with an example of what you could achieve in 4 weeks after training and following my nutrition advice.

1) Fat Loss

Most people choose to work with a personal trainer in order to lose weight. If your primary goal is fat loss you can lose up to 4kg a month if you are novice and up to 2-3kg if you are quite fit already.
My training regime will ensure that you are on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

2) Strength and Power

If you are looking to increase your strength and power over the first four weeks of training with me you can expect to double up or triple your squat, bench press and deadlifts if you are a beginner.

If you are at an intermediate or advanced level and are looking for massive improvement over four weeks this can be around an increase of 10-20 kg, depending on where you are at the moment.

3) Overall Health

An improvement in your overall health will come gradually as a result of a number of factors. After a month training with me you should have a better sleeping pattern, a reduced resting heart rate and hopefully reduced stress levels.

Even if you are only looking to improve your strength, my training regime will help you enhance your overall health in a manner that should positively affect your day to day life.

4) Speed and Agility

If your primary goal is to improve your speed and agility, whether this be for a specific sport or just generally, with a special program adapted to suit your body I can help you achieve what you want.
My tried and tested personal training techniques have been proven to dramatically increase speed and agility, exceeding the expectations of many of my clients.

5) Muscle Hypertrophy

A month is not long enough to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. However, 4 weeks of hard training with me and the adoption of proper diet designing by me can reveal some amazing results.
Whilst you may not look like Schwarzenegger at the end of the month, as the weeks go by you will be getting visibly stronger and your muscles will be getting increasingly tough.

You have to be realistic with your goals and perseverant with your efforts. Training for one month is a great way to start and setting short term goals is a good way to motivate yourself.

You never know where your training can take you! But if you combine a bit of effort and dedication I guarantee you will see results. Training with me will put you in the position to not only meet your expectations but exceed them!

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