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Online personal training seems like a wonderful alternative to regular personal training: you don’t have to go anywhere, it’s more convenient to choose your own time for training and the costs are lower than regular personal training. This article will reveal how much online training actually costs and define the value you get for it.

1. Who sets the price for online personal training?

As in regular personal training, there are no set prices in online personal training. The prices can vary between 50£-500£ a month depending on the choice of personal trainer, his/her knowledge, qualifications, experience and the value you get. If you are wondering, why the price difference is so huge, this is because different personal trainers offer absolutely different training approaches and programs. For the cheapest price, you might not be meeting your trainer at all and only get a training program with no further communication. In my opinion, no matter the training approach – online or regular – you should be getting your trainer’s attention throughout the training period. Only this way you will know that you are doing everything right and won’t harm yourself. While training at home online, you might still need to meet your personal trainer once a week to do your body assessment and evaluation.

2. What is the right price to pay for online training?

Unfortunately, there is no right answer to that as well, it depends on many factors. If your trainer offers you a full personal training pack (workouts + nutrition), it will probably be more expensive than ordering a training program only. Some personal trainers communicate with you by video calls throughout your training session as if you’d be in one room, training together – this is a more personal approach than e-mail communication, which might cost more, but can definitely be more effective for some people. Before deciding anything, you should compare several training offers from different personal trainers and decide which one works best for you – quality, training approachand cost wise.

3. Can online personal training completely replace regular training?

Regular one to one training has worked for people of various age, lifestyle, occupation, activity level, etc. for many years and will probably stay popular in the future. From a personal trainer’s perspective, seeing the client and communicating live provides me enormous advantages, such as ability to accurately evaluate the person’s physical state, motivation level, goals and dedication to achieve it. By being next to you all the time, I can motivate you in the best way possible and create a pleasant training atmosphere, e.g. offer you nice outdoors training spots or places to train next to your home/office, in order to make the training more fun and adventurous. On the other hand, if you decide to train at home, it can become difficult for me to motivate you, as you have more freedom and space for laziness, also, routine quickly starts to kick in. Although sometimes it can be challenging, online personal training also has many advantages from the client’s perspective: it is convenient to pick time and place for the training sessions and it is less costly than regular personal training. But if you lack motivation and dedication, and consider yourself a bit lazy, online personal training might not be the best choice for you. Ask yourself honestly: “Am I going to exercise on my own – when nobody is watching, helping, motivating or making me do it?”. If the answer to this question is no, then your online training program might become another nice paper, hidden in your drawer. Everything depends on you, so be fair to yourself!

4. How much can I save by choosing online PT vs face to face PT?

As previously discussed, by choosing online personal training, you can save a lot of money, compared to regular face to face training. How exactly are you going to save:

  • No additional fees train as much and as often as you want. You have already paid for your training program, so why not get the most out of it? Do as many training sessions, as you want and achieve great results faster whereas with regular personal training, you have to pay every time you train together.
  • Save on travel expenses. No need to drive to a gym or somewhere else – train in the middle of your living room or any other area in your house.
  • No cancellation (skipped workout) fees. When you train face to face with your personal trainer, you have to consider the fact that you might need to pay cancellation fee if you decide to skip a workout. While training at home, you are your own boss – if you feel like today is not the day to workout, it’s up to you. But remember one thing – one skipped workout may lead to another and eventually you mightlose motivation to train at all.

5. What personal training packages do I offer?

I’ve put all my knowledge and experience into creating complex, versatile and effective online training solutions. My online personal training package includes:

  • 3-day Training Plan + Progressions
  • Free Consultation
  • Short/Long Term Goal Setting
  • 6 Week Support
  • Consultation on Nutrition
  • 1 Skype Session or Face to Face if Possible
  • Body Assessment

6. Why choose Justina’s online personal training?

My online personal training programs are created in a very personal approach. In addition to traditional e-mail support, I also offer additional Skype consultations. I always encourage my clients to contact me at any time, if anything seems to bother them regarding the training program or if they have any questions. My personal goal as a PT is to ensure that training at home or at the gym is safe and effective for my clients and no injuries are caused. In addition to my consultations, I also provide my clients videos explaining how to perform exercises, including tempo, rep range and sets. This way, even while training alone, you will still feel safe seeing me being there myself.

All in all, online personal training is an affordable and effective way to achieve your dream physique. Be sure to choose wisely and select the training program thatwould ensure safe training, as in most cases, the trainer will not be next to you while you perform the exercises. Contact me if you have any further questions regarding online personal training, I’m here to help!

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