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Bend Over Row stands out for being the most effective weight training exercises that aims numerous back muscles. This amazing exercise is great for gym-freaks who are interested in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Know more about this wonderful exercise for increasing strength and size. Perform a single move for a bigger and stronger back!

Muscles engaged

The main muscle involved in this amazing Bend Over Row exercise is your middle back and muscles too.

  • Middle back
  • Lats
  • Biceps
  • Shoulders

How-to perform 

Try out bend over row  super-easy technique with your female personal trainer Justina

  • Grab a barbell with pronated grip
  • Bend your knees a little bit and move your body forward while bending at the waist
  • Keep your back flat and straight until it turns almost parallel to the floor
  • Keep your abs contracted 
  • Head in neutral possition

Benefits of rowing

  • The first and foremost benefit of performing Bend Over Row is that it helps develop a strong back. It is definitely one of the best exercises as it boosts your strength within no time.
  • Bend Over row involves pulling weights as quick as possible without breaking the posture and therefore trains you for explosiveness.
  • Who doesn’t love getting a big and stronger back? It is counted among one of the best lifts for developing plumper back muscles.
  • This fantastic exercise teaches you how to bend at hips flexibly (in opposition to the waist).
  • ·Once you master Bend Over Row exercise, you turn out much stronger to carry over other major movements with great ease.

Common mistakes

  • The major blunder done while performing Bend Over Row is smacking the knee bend. The perfect way of knee bending is 15-20 degrees and make sure this stays constant throughout the movement.
  • Standing over a bench while performing bend over row endures the risk of falling off the bench that might result in to serious injuries while you are lifting heavy weights.
  • Deadlifts and cleans are both great movements, but don’t make the mistake of turning the bent-over row into a quasi-version of either. You do that by simultaneously rowing and rising up from your hips, which are sometimes done when you use a weight that’s too heavy. That action actively engages the lower-back musculature, which to this point had been only isometrically contracting to hold your spine in place.


    Inverted RowThis variation is perfect for beginners as it activates the back muscles of our body. Try out inhaling and exhaling to get most out of it while performing this amazing Bend Over Row variation.

    Kroc row: Popularized after the name of Janae Marie Kroc, this variation calls for lifting grip compensating straps that weigh up to 300 lbs.

    Chinese dumbbell row: This variation was introduced by the Chinese Weightlifting team with heavy weight lifts and excessive repetition scheme. Chinese Dumbbell row is famous for offering wider range of motion and awakening the muscles.

    Who should row

      Everyone should do bend over row at least 2 times a week. Beginner, intermediate or advanced. No exception. Make sure that you are building up slowly your resistance. start with light weigh barbell or dumbbells. 

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