Written by female personal trainer London based Justina Triasovaite.

At first, creating a workout program for yourself might seem like mission impossible. But actually it’s really quite easy once you know your goals. 

Female personal trainer Justina Triasovaite justinatraining.com

Hi! I’m female personal trainer London based Justina Triasovaite. In this article I’ll be helping you create your training programme.  It’s easy when you know how to get started.

Ready? Let’s go!

Ok, why do we need a training programme at all?

A training programme is a MUST if you are planing to workout. No matter what your goal is: weigh loss, muscle mass increase, maintenance, getting stronger, leaner or fitter. A programme is a must.

You can imagine it like going to an unknown place and trying to find your way back without a map. You are going to end up trying different ways and not getting home on time or at all.

The same applies to training. Without a personalised training plan you are going to play around in the gym without getting real results. An this usually leads to one thing: quitting. 

How would we get started?

There’s only one way to get started: from the very beginning.

1) First, get to know your body

It’s very important to know which muscles you have. We are going to cover big muscle groups, starting from the top.

– Shoulders
– Chest
– Back
– Arms
– Abdominals
– Gluteus
– Legs

It’s very simple. Bare in mind you have to cover all  these muscles when planning your programme.

2) Time to set goals!

Know where you are heading and how long it’s gonna take you makes things easier and keep you motivated.

Think about what you want to archive in the next 3 months and then break it down to shorter period of times. So, for example, in the next 3 months you want to increase your overall muscle mass by 4 kg. This is quite a big goal, you might get bored or demotivated during those first 3 months. Break it down to 2kg per 6 weeks. 

And remember: you must always set realistic goals!

3) Decide realistically how much time can you dedicate to training

For people who have serious training goals one weekly session is not enough. 

So start by working out all of your muscles twice a week and then after two to three weeks at this pace increase to 3 sessions a week.

Don’t go crazy on your first week, let your body adjust naturally to the process. One of the biggest mistake is usually made by newbies: too much enthusiasm at the beginning could turn into disillusionment and overtraining. You must be patient and pace yourself right. 

4) Finding the RIGHT exercises for you

I have listed all muscle groups you need to think off. As I mentioned before start your training by working all muscle groups twice a week. So the best thing is to find right exercises for you. 

There are a lot a lot of exercises you can perform. Some of them are for beginners and some for more advanced people but with the ‘classic’ ones you can’t really go wrong. 

To make easy for you I’m going to list my favourite exercises for each muscle group.

Shoulders – seated shoulder press, lateral raise
Chest – bench press, chest fly
Back – bend over row, lateral pull down, pull ups
Abdominal– hanging leg raises, weighted sit ups
Arms – triceps extensions, dips, bicep curls, preached EZ bar curls
Gluteus/legs – squats, deadlifts, Kettlebell swing, leg press. 

Putting it all together

You got muscles list and you got a exercise list divide it for two training days and you have a program. After trying my favourite exercise you will get an idea. Also google it and YouTube it. Follow my instructions and creating a program is going to be very easy. 

Reps, sets, weights

You will need to experiment.finding right way need practice time and especially you will need to track your progress or regress. 

I always say to my clients keep it simple start with 3 working sets rep range 8-12 weight – challenging. The most important!!!! Progression. Don’t forget to overload your muscles. You DONT  have to increase weight all the time to reach overload- you can reduce your rest time, increase reps or sets. Be creative!

How can clients book?

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Written by: Justina

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