Thinking of getting the help of a dedicated Personal Trainer?

Let Justina help you out by going through a few questions.

"Let's have a look at the things you should know before getting a PT."

What is Personal Training all About?

Personal training has no definition of perfect description... You know why? 

Because it's so personal. 

And every personality is different.

For some people personal training is hard core training session.

For other it's mild workout followed by latest gossips and for others the only way to keep them physiques alive.

It's totally up to you.

Do you need a Personal Trainer to get fit? (And to keep fit)

This is what I hear my clients say every day:

I wanna get fit...
I wanna feel good
I wanna look great...

I am the person who is helping them to achieve all of that: I'm a personal trainer that makes sure all of the above areas are covered, and more.

30 years ago nobody even heard of about personal training. Why has this profession developed now?

There is only one simple explanation - people want to be looked after by professionals.

The fitness industry is developing very fast and people are feeling lost with all available equipment in the gym. Even very a very basic gym now has kettlebells, TRX and lots of more to offer. Like every new technology in any environment all this needs to be introduced by the professional (equipment and gym).

The difference is that I'm not fixing your house or improving your tv I'm fixing your body by improving your physical skills.

A professional points out pain point areas.

You can train anywhere in London: home, gym, parks.

Showing up is the beginning of the road to success!

Something many people ask:
How to find a really good personal trainer to fit your needs

Finding the perfect trainer for you is not easy because at the moment market is very crowded. It's very hard to find right person it might even take months. During my career I was working for one of the most popular gym chain in UK and believe me they were recruiting anyone. We had 3000 members (very small gym) and 16 personal trainers. Simply too many! It makes impossible for newbie to choose.

Further researches must be done. Don't choose from profile picture on the gym wall. Watch a personal trainer in action. Attitude, attention and concentration to client. These 3 points must be reviewed.

Personal training is my life. If not working I'm reading about my work. My passion is to see my clients get results.

I know what you need during the first 15 min of our first session.

The most common mistake people do is first starting the gym and then getting PT after 8 weeks. It should be the other way around.

It should be the other way around.

First you get advise from a professional and then you try and apply what they say to your training.:

  • Find the trainer that is right for you. There will be that one person that can really help you with your particular needs. You just need to find him/her.
  • Always go for the most recommended PT. If you don't know anyone who knows someone, just go online and read testimonials.
  • Ask at the gym. Go directly to the gym. Nobody knows better who the best is within that gym than staff members themselves.

Always get a personal trainer that can help you with your particular needs...

Getting fit is usually the main goal; it's a very wide topic. People could be discussing this all day and all night...

Lots of trainees are trying to get in shape by themselves using basic training routines they find on the Internet or by following what friends are doing "my friend is doing this..." or "my friend is doing that..."

If you are lucky you can get some results in the first 6 weeks that that's where it ends.

You need the advice of a professional trainer if you want your results to last.

The best way to choose your personal trainer is by doing some research. Look for the qualifications, images before and after, trainers' social media accounts, remember that nutrition education is very important.

But the most important aspect of a GREAT personal trainer is personality and attitude. Remember you will be working very close together.

You'll probably see your PT more often than you see your best friend. You MUST connect.

A one-to-one personal training is ideal because you have a professional watching every inch of your moves

There is no room for injury or wrong technique.
It's all about YOU getting results!

A common question is: Should I go to classes or get one-to-one training? This is usually the most common question from a beginner. I have nothing against group exercising, but bare in mind that in a group class you are not getting any special attention. 

This means there's a high risk for injuries to occur and it's easier for you to get into bad habits - the most common wrong postures occurring while squatting or getting a sore neck while doing abs workout.

The personal trainer is the one who will look after you while you work out. 

My training will help you get better in every sense. You'll SEE results.
  1. Visible results in 4 weeks: 4 weeks is NOT a long time. This is fast if you work it.
  2. Boost your confidence: I'm there to help you all the way, from first assessment to enjoying your success.
  3. Overall health benefits: we know it's not just about looking good, but also feeling good mentally also.

See what some of my clients have to say:

"Despite suffering from a long term condition..."

" ability to exercise has never been affected and I have always been fit and healthy. However, 2 years ago a change in my condition resulted in a deterioration of my health; I was unable to exercise for around 12 months."

I see Justina once a week and use what we have done in our sessions to work out alone the rest of the week. She pushes me hard, but also understands my symptoms and when I need to rest.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Justina to anyone, thank you for helping me get my mojo back!

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"I had no focus other than I wanted to lose some weight..."

"Training with Justina has been an absolute pleasure. When I first started training I was looking to lose weight and that has been achieved at great cost to my wallet and wardrobe. Over the numerous months I have trained with Justina, I have lost weight, gained muscle tone and strength, and enhance my confidence."

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Choosing the perfect personal trainer is key to your success!

You need to connect with your chosen trainer and achieve results that last.

Remember you are doing one of the most important things: you're healing the temple where the soul lives.


Qualifications are important and you will need to make sure that your personal trainer is fully qualified. Check out my qualifications here and contact me if you have any questions you may have.

"We first assess your physique, create a custom plan and succeed accomplishing it. With me you will see results. Full stop.

P.S.: I work on a first come, first served basis so it is important to get in touch as soon as you know your availability.

Have Justina be your personal trainer for only £75!