Female personal trainer Justina discusses what you need to know regarding online personal training.

This article will reveal the options of online personal training and provide tips on who to trust online in terms of personal training. What is more, it will provide valuable insights on how to decide if this training approach is the best fit for you.

Results from working with a client online.

1. What are the options of online personal training?

Different personal trainers offer different training options. Some of the most popular online training approaches are:

  • A written questionnaire. A personal trainer can create you a training plan, based on your characteristics, such as age, weight, height, previous training experience and personal goals (usually the process starts by filling in the questionnaire which helps the trainer to get to know you better and provide you with the training plan, based on your individual needs).
  • A live chat / online consultation. This approach feels more personal as you and your trainer can see each other live. During the consultation, the trainer will gather all necessary information to create you a progressive training plan with an option for a change. You might have several live consultations after the initial one, depending on your needs.
  • Looking after you during the process. If you choose this online personal training approach, a trainer will look after you throughout the whole process: he or she will monitor your progress, check on your eating habits and provide all necessary support in order for you achieve your goals faster and more conveniently.It’s up to you, which approach to choose: if you feel better working individually, you might find a questionnaire approach enough for you. But from my experience, the clients usually struggle with new training program and nutrition habits (at least for a first few weeks), so it’s always good to have a person next to you to help you throughout your body transformation journey.

2. Who to trust online?

As fitness niche has become extremely popular in all social media channels, it might be difficult to choose the trainer from all these people offering personal training services. Don’t be fooled by a well maintained body of a “trainer”, be sure to check his/her experience and qualifications, as a well trained body is not enough when it comes to training other people. Here is a quick checklist of the things that you should definitely look up when choosing a personal trainer:

  • Client testimonials
  • Before / after pictures of the trainer’s clients
  • List of qualifications
  • Liability insurance certificate
  • Nutritional education
  • Experience
  • Customer service / ability to communicate in social media

3. Why online personal training has become so popular lately?

Regular personal training is a luxury service and most often very expensive whereas online personal training is MUCH cheaper and requires less effort in terms of arranging the meetings and finding time in your schedule for training sessions. When training online, you are able to choose your convenient time and location. Also, online personal training works great if you have been training with a personal trainer before, moved out of the area but want to keep training with him/her. Some trainers offer Skype sessions which might help you stay fit during your business trips. Full time mums usually find this training approach convenient as there is no need to go to the gym – you can easily train at home with professional help online.

4. Is online personal training for me?

Only you can answer this question to yourself. Think for a moment (and be honest!) – are you going to follow the training program or will you pay for it and never look at it once again? Online personal training requires a lot of self discipline and motivation. If you think that you would be more comfortable in a gym, trained by someone in person, you should probably choose regular training approach. On the other hand, going to the gym does not necessarily mean that you are going to achieve great results. It is much better to have a personalized training program, created by a personal trainer online, than to go to the gym and have no idea what you are doing there. If the advantages of online personal training appeal to you, definitely invest in a good online training program, created by a qualified professional. Don’t forget to order a balanced nutrition plan as well – the combo of it together with the training plan can give you brilliant results.

5. What is the best online personal training program?

As always, my answer is the same – the best training program is the one that you can follow. Don’t forget to do your own research before ordering a training program – contact multiple trainers, have a chat and ask for all available training options they provide. Also, be honest to yourself – if you feel that you need a few weeks of one-to-one personal training, tell it to the trainer. After that, you can easily proceed with online training. I highly recommend this approach to the beginners or people who might need little help with exercise techniques.

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To sum up, finding the best training approach – online or in person – is essential for successful body transformation. Only by being honest to yourself, you will be able to tell if online personal training is for you. It’s much cheaper than regular personal training and requires less efforts making time and finding place for the training sessions. Although, as in regular personal training, the success of online personal training highly depends on your own motivation as well as on the qualification of your personal trainer. Don’t forget to do your own research before trusting anyone with your body transformation!

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Written by: Justina

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