Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite.

This article will reveal what personal trainers usually don’t tell you, provide tips on overcoming the most common obstacles that people encounter during body transformations and what to expect during this process. The fact is that even the smallest changes matter, so keep going one step at a time!

What To Expect During Your Body Transformation?

Let’s get this straight – transforming your body won’t be easy, but it will be definitely worth it. Body transformations may vary depending on the goal a person is trying to achieve: it can be weight related (if you want to lose or gain some kilos), muscle mass related (if you want to gain muscle mass) or health related – get fitter, faster or stronger.

Professional personal trainers know some tips and tricks, how to make this process smoother for their clients, so definitely consider getting some help.

It would be so much easier if someone would define what body transformation actually is. Actually, there is no straightforward answer to that! As each person is different, the concept of body transformation also depends on unique individual factors. For some people, body transformation might mean losing 30 kg of fat, gain 10 kg of muscle mass or do both, while for others losing 2 kg of fat is more than enough and makes a lot of difference. This perfectly illustrates that single explanation cannot clarify such a complex concept. Keep in mind, that according to National Health Organisation (NHS) , losing weight can reduce your risk of some potentially serious health problems. This clearly represents the importance of transforming your body. Also, according to livestrong.com), staying active is the best way to live long, so why wait? Begin your body transformation now.

After deciding to transform your body, you have to clearly evaluate your current physical state and envision the goal which you will try to achieve. Keep in mind that we perceive our own body image differently than others perceive us, so the definition of your body transformation has to be decided by you. And this is the thing that you most probably won’t hear from a personal trainer. Hundreds of people on TV, social media, magazine covers and even personal trainers can make you believe that there is one ideal physique for everyone. Don’t rely on such information – even if you are able to achieve this ‘ideal physique’, it will be enormously hard to maintain. Many people are struggling with strict nutrition plans and heavy exercise sessions which make them look and feel like a drained zombie and, eventually, at some point, they give up. Don’t allow this happening to you and choose your goals wisely!

Why People Think It’s Easier Than It Is And How To Overcome Obstacles

Take a look around – TV ads, social media, even adverts on the streets and tubes are simply shouting how easy and fast transforming your body is. London is full of ads, especially during training peak seasons. On January, here come the ads about ‘New Years resolutions’ and on September all you can see are posters with ‘Back from holiday – back on track resolutions’. What it usually does, it provokes guilt and anxiety, leading to low self esteem and frustration. Doesn’t matter, what the ad tries to sell, it sells a bunch of those negative feelings in addition to the products or services it promotes. All these ads from fitness supplements companies simply shout, how easy it is to pop a pill and get such an amazing physique as the model on the ad. Don’t be fooled – there is no magic pill to help you get fit overnight. There is no easy way to achieve something truly valuable, such as a healthy and fit body. Start exercising, take stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk, choose a healthier meal on lunch today – just do it!

Who Can Really Transform Their Bodies And Are You One Of Them

One more unpleasant thing to learn is that not everyone is a good candidate for a successful body transformation. It is the naked truth – not everyone can transform their body dramatically and keep it this way. If it would be so easy, nobody would hire a personal trainer and everyone would look like fitness models. Don’t get upset, as the success of your body transformation depends only on you – how much you want it and how hard you are ready to work. There is no need to get scared, but these facts must be understood before starting your body transformation, because there will be lots of work and lots of weak moments during the process. In my professional career, I have seen many success stories as well as a lot of failures. Some people struggle with healthy nutrition, others cannot overcome their laziness and workout regularly. But the truth is, only when you stop creating excuses, the results start showing.

Where Body Transformation Starts: The Beginning Of Your New Life

A) Visualization is key. Imagine your body after transformation. Think about it every morning, think about your new body with every glass of water you take, imagine it before ordering something in a restaurant or a bar. The more you think of it, the more realistic it will seem and the more dedicated you are going to become. Imagine how you feel inside your new body, what clothes you choose to wear. Where would you go and what activities would you take on?

B) Be ready to change your habits! New you – new habits. When you decide to start your body transformation, make healthier options in each situation you are. Skip that croissant with your coffee in the morning – here is a new habit for you to follow. Your next new habits might include managing your sleep (go to bed earlier), balancing nutrition (get a meal plan for a week, eat home made food) and creating training schedule (regular exercise is very important!). Most importantly, train your mind for success – find time to think about your new body every day.

Is It True That Maintenance Is That Hard To Keep Up?

Yes, yes and once again yes! After you achieve your dream physique, everything will depend only on you and whether you adopt new habits of living or not. If you will go back to your previous lifestyle (choose unhealthy meals and don’t continue to exercise), your new physique will be gone faster than you could expect. The most important rule of maintaining the result of your hard work is to maintain routine and make healthy food choices. New you should come with different mindset and understanding that exercise and healthy food is now part of your life.

Learn how to cook healthy meals, add morning/evening walks to your schedule – enjoy life in a responsible way. Food should give you pleasure as well as nourish your body. One in the field is not a warrior – get everyone on board. Involve all your family – become an inspiration for your loved ones to become motivated and fit.

There’s Only ONE Key to A Successful Body Transformation

It is very important to find your way of transforming your body. It might be 3 months of intensive work, or 1 year taking it slowly, facing lots of ups and downs. For others, it might be 1 month of starving yourself (although, not recommended), or even transforming your body all your life and never getting there. But who can decide what is right for you? Only you can find the most effective way, so don’t be scared to experiment.

It’s much better to experiment and find your path than try following someone else’s path (unless you are paying 80£ per hour for a PT of course). Your trainer is there to help you find your way and transform your body into new you!

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