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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life.

I'm usually very interested to hear people's wishes and dreams when it comes to their bodies and mind.

And it can't be denied that the wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone's life: you want to make sure YOU LOOK YOUR BEST.

This is the most private and intimate day and the most beautiful celebration of the love you feel towards somebody else. 

And so you have to look YOUR MOST!  

So much stuff to prepare, easy to forget your self!

When do you think is the best time to get your body ready to look the best for your wedding day?

There is not a right or wrong answer. It's all very personal and it will depend on you. 

But if you'd like my personal opinion,  you really should start training as soon as you know the date. This will give you plenty of time to prepare you physique but also your mind

In fact I would say that exercise is more important for the mind first, and then for the body. 

From experience I can tell you grooms and brides get very stressed in the months preceding their wedding day. So stressed that only exercise seems to help them cope with the it in a successful way. 

So, as you can see, mind comes first, and then the body.

The problem starts 2 months before the wedding day...

...It's like a rule! 

At first couples are calm; they think they're 100% ready. But 2 months before the day of the event... the real fun starts! (yes, I'm being sarcastic)

Your photographer cancels, the caterers are not ready or even worse: the bride doesn't like her dress anymore! 

Situations that require nerves of steel and a lots patience. 

Here is when the gym comes in handy... 

How many times I have I found myself saying out loud: "Let your steam out girl!" or "Push harder" or "Go faster"....

And, believe me: IT DOES HELP!

Why is it important to get fit before your wedding day?

Because you want to look YOUR BEST! 

And you need to work for it. 

Only knowing that you've worked tried your best is what's going to make you feel confident. You can wear the most beautiful dress or suit on earth but if you are not going to wear your dress with complete confidence it simply won't look as stunning as it should!

How intense should the training be?

It all depends on YOU...



You need to plan in advance
getting fit for your wedding day

My advice is 3 months intense training prior to the day. 

YES, that's correct, 3 months intense training before your wedding day. 

3 times a week would simply be idea.This should give you the body that you're looking for together with a mind that is clear, relaxed and ready for any stressful event to come.

You will love every minute!

The gym will become your second home because you will witness a dramatic change.

With functional training, weights and right nutrition you will be amazed. 

Confidence, great health and new look will change your views of both gym and exercising FOREVER.

It takes time to adopt new habits... all but it is much easier if you have a clear goal in mind.

Perfect personal trainer wedding package: my "Flexible" plan

It takes about half an hour for the person to tell me EXACTLY what they would like to achieve.

After our first consultation, you can leave everything to me.
Here are the 3 steps we take:

First we look at what you have in mind.

We then plan the sessions to achieve goals.

We succeed accomplishing them.


Read this testimonial by Laura:

"I wanted to feel confident in my wedding dress!"

"After booking my wedding I wanted to get in shape so that I felt confident and comfortable when in my dress on the big day. With it being an abroad wedding I also wanted to make sure I looked good in a bikini! I decided I needed to go to the gym and start working out, this was a first for me and having always avoided gyms and exercise I was not looking forward to it! I had never enjoyed sports or any physical activity so I decided the best route was to look into getting a personal trainer. 

I have a metabolic illness which means I have to restrict my daily protein intake and excessive exercise and tiredness can make me ill so I needed a trainer that could handle some limitations but could also help me to get the body shape I wanted. The task was also to build muscle without upping my protein intake. Justina was great, she cared about my health and wellbeing but also helped me to still get results without making me ill. 

She pushed me further than I thought I could ever go and I instantly started to see results on not only my body shape and muscle but I actually felt better in myself and had lots more energy - more importantly I really enjoyed it. I really looked forward to our training sessions and as I improved I was able to learn new exercises; the training sessions are always varied and different which keeps me pushing myself harder each time. 

So many of my friends go to the gym daily but the results on their body aren't noticeable and their body shape doesn't change. People noticed the change in my shape and posture almost instantly and this is because Justina focused on areas specifically and knows what she is doing! I would recommend a personal trainer to anyone but more so I would highly recommend Justina. She has changed my whole perspective on exercise and made me look and feel great."


Assess, create, succeed.
Achieving goals is easier when everything is planned. 

What happens depends on your goals.

Advantages of getting a wedding personal trainer: 

  • A personal trainer will monitor you and make sure you are always improving
  • A professional eye can easily visualise you in the dress and see what needs to be worked on next
  • A personal trainer is going to motivate you
  • You get a perfect listener/ therapist / adviser
  • Guarantied results
  • Easier to adopt new nutrition habits
  • Fantastic way to relieve stress
  • You will be sure what of what you are doing: not a single minute is wasted
  • No need to think about which exercises to do - you are busy enough planning the wedding day!
  • A personal trainer can come to you so you will be saving time on travelling to the gym



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"Your wedding day is very important and you should look your best. With my 'Flexible' plan you are bound to succeed. Remember the first class is free.

P.S.: I work on a first come, first served basis so it is important to get in touch as soon as you know your availability.

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