Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite


I say yes! But the questions are WHEN? And WHAT? If you are a regular reader of nutrition and fitness blogs or websites you might have read so many articles for FAT LOSS and WEIGHT LOSS talking about low carb diets. Despite what some people might think CARBS are not bad! And your body needs them, especially if you train regularly.

Learn how to include them properly in your DIET PLAN with these three tips:

CARBS YES, but just before training.

Carbs are the best source of energy, and if you want to lift those kilos in the squat rack or run for longer on the treadmill make sure you fuel your body before your workout. The best options are a banana or dry fruits, as a quick sugar boost that your body will absorb and use quickly. Eat some protein as well to avoid muscle breakdown.

MORE CARBS, after training.

Your personal trainer must have recommended you to take a protein shake after your workout. However, what not everyone says is that this protein might not be well delivered to your muscle if there are not some carbohydrates that would acts as a shuttle!! So if you´re taking your delicious chocolate protein shake, add a banana too. Or some rice, sweet potatoes or white potatoes to your chicken or salmon meal after training.
LOW CARBS, on rest days.

Reduce your carbs intake on your non-gym days.

Here is when people actually fails more in WEIGHT LOSS OR FAT LOSS PLANS. The rest day is for the muscles but not for your DIET PLAN! If you want to have some do it just early in the morning like breakfast. The rest of the day fuel yourself with lean protein, veggies, salads and good fats like avocadoes or nuts.
Or if you have planned to go out for dinner and drinks, then eat very low carbs during the day, to balance with those extra calories that will be eaten later.

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