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In this article we ask Justina the advantages of training in South East London

South East London is very big area, can you tell us more about it from a fitness perspective?

South East London is now home to many Londoners. Unlike most other parts of the city, it is spacious and offers many types of outdoor activities to maintain fitness. The landscape in this area is varied- one can start jogging along the River Thames and if not exhausted, continue along the green fields and gardens that are in abundance in the area. There is a perfect sport to exercise for almost everyone in SE London. If you love the outdoors and are a nature lover, there are several exotic parks in the area. These parks have trials, ponds, tennis courts and even outdoor gyms where you can exercise with a group. If you love the water then Canary Wharf has beautiful running tracks along the river. In the last decade, many fitness gyms and sporting arenas have opened up in the area. Lewisham leisure center has a brand new climbing wall of varying difficulty. In addition, today there are some personal fitness trainers in South East London who offer private training sessions in your or their home. So you have many choices for fitness.

Is there any park you prefer for training your clients?

I just love Greenwich and Mountsfield parks, located in Hither Green area. These two parks are not only huge but have wide open spaces as well as quite private corners, which are ideal for training clients. Both Greenwich and Mountsfield parks have hills that can help build endurance, burn off the fat and improve joint mobility. The parks are very clean, well maintained and SAFE.

Is there any other training spot you would like to highlight in the area?

Most of the areas in South East London have their own parks – like Ladywell has Ladywell fields, Blackheath – has Blackheath park which is connected with Greenwich park. Others include Eltham and Grove Park which are green areas with a nice landscape and ideal for training outdoors. On the South side of River Thames, one can either go jogging or cycling. In fact, as a female personal trainer I do take my trainees to these parks so that they not only build their fitness but get to appreciate nature.

Why do people love to train outside these days? Is it more beneficial?

I often get asked this question. And the answer is the same each time – fresh air. London is a crowded city and most of us are cooked up in our homes, office, the underground, bus or some type of mall every single day- and this creates stress and a great deal of discomfort. These days people hate going to congested gyms. Now that London boroughs have improved the outdoors and encouraged outdoor activities, people are responding very positively. The smell of spring, the cool wind from the Thames and green landscapes makes one feel alive. Overall Londoners have come full circle now- they are now seeking more outdoor activities than ever before.

What are gyms… what do you recommend

To be honest there is few gyms in South East London. A lot of leisure centers, which are actually great usually very well equipped and has a pool. 

Give us a few ideas regarding one to ones or group workouts within this area.

Group workouts in South East London  are very popular. There are a lot of outdoor classes Greenwich park. But I train a max of 2 people per group, because I like to keep it personal training. Classes instructor and a personal trainer are two completely different specialties. I specialising in 100% support and dedication to my clients during the sessions I pay more attention to what client can or can’t do instead of just delivering a plan made by  someone who own a class.

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Written by: Justina

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