Here female personal trainer London based Justina gives you 6 fantastic tips to get that body transformation going!

This article will reveal if you are doing your body transformation the right way by helping you set your goals and track them. Also, you will learn how to do self assessment while trying to achieve your dream physique and set your mind for success.

1. Setting Goals Like the Pros!

What is the easiest way of achieving anything? Setting reasonable goals. Definitely not the same goals your neighbour has set for himself, but realistic and structured goals that can be achieved if you put enough effort in it.

A) Define Individual Goals
Everyone has different vision of body image so setting individual goals, tailored to your body and needs is a key in effective body transformation.

B) Structure Your Short Term Goals
Make smaller little goals under each big goal. This way the results won’t feel as far and you will feel more satisfied with your achievements.

C) Set Realistic Goals
Do not make yourself feel bad setting unrealistic goals. Better move slower but more reliably. Maintainable fat loss usually means that you can lose 700-900 g of your weight weekly. Keep thinking what you will achieve in 3 months and never give up!.

2. The Perfect Self-Assessment and Analysis

There are different ways to assess your current body and nutrition. No matter which way you choose, it will help you evaluate your current condition and set your future goals objectively.

Body Condition Assessment

A) Professional Body Assessment
The best way to assess your body condition is to go to a specialist (professional personal trainer or doctor). It is highly recommended to have a qualified person next to you while you go through your body transformation journey. The PT or doctor will be able to analyse your body objectively and provide valuable tips on how to achieve your desired physique. One of the most accurate ways of measuring body fat is by using callipers or other body fat measuring machine.

B) Individual Body Assessment
If you are not so interested in numbers and percents of body fat and want to take care of your body condition assessment yourself, you can measure 5 body parts and follow the progress as you go further. The body parts that will show instant changes if you lose fat are:

  • Wrist (below wrist bone)
  • Widest part of forearm
  • Neck below Apple
  • Widest part of your hips
  • Narrowest part of your waist

A) Visual Body Assessment
If you are more into visual self assessment, take pictures in front of the mirror with your underwear every week or get yourself a pair of trousers that are currently too tight and try them on every week. Seeing the view change in front of your eyes really boosts the motivation – if you want triple boost, try all measuring options at once.

Nutrition  Assessment

The easiest way to assess your nutrition is by keeping food diary. The most often mistake that people make is eating too much without even realising it. Writing things down makes everything much easier. Check out the brilliant website My Fitness Pal – it is a total game changer as you don’t need to count the calories, just type in everything you ate in a day or plan your meals in advance. Seeing all macronutrients that you get from your daily food will instantly allow you to understand if you nutrition is well balanced and leads to successful body transformation.

3. Learn to Find Out What Your Body Needs (BMR)

There are a few essential things you should know about your body before starting body transformation.

A) Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
BMR allows you to quantify how many calories you burn when you are resting.

  • Calculate your BMR with this easy formula 
  • Find out how many calories you burn in total

B) 1 kg of fat = 7000 kcal
This means that in order to lose 1 kg of fat per week you need to lower your BMR by 500 kcal. This is the perfect formula for your perfect fat loss.

4. Setting Your Mind to Guarantee Success!

Doesn’t mater, how strict you will be on yourself with your food and training, nothing will work for a long term unless you set your mind to it. Some useful tips on how to keep your mind positive and guarantee success:

A) Constantly Think About Your Goals
It will keep you stay strong and motivated..

B) Imagine Yourself After a Month/Year
Think daily, how you are going to look like if you keep doing what you are doing now, try to imagine how it is going to make you feel.

C) Think about your body as a temple – nourish and take care of it
Your body is not a rubbish bin so don’t treat it like one. Before ordering take away or grabbing a sandwich from a coffee shop, think to yourself, whether this is what you would give to your child. If the answer is “definitely, not”, then don’t buy it for yourself. What is best for your body is heathy and nutritious home made food. If you have a chance, always cook at home – this way you’ll be able to know exactly what is in your plate.

5) Tracking Your Activities & Nutrition Efficiently

Successful body transformation highly depends on the efficiency of your activities and nutrition. Best way to make sure that your efforts are efficient is to track them.

A) Tracking helps you see the progress
Writing down your weight and measurements each week will help you understand if you are making the right progress.

B) Tracking helps you see if you are making the progress fast enough
If you are not going to track your achievements, how else will you know that your body is progressing fast enough?

C) Tracking keeps you motivated
If you keep seeing great results, you will be motivated to go further and not to stop in the middle of the process.

D) Tracking helps you understand your body
Some people can train 7 days a week, for some three training sessions a week will be more than enough. Only by continuously measuring your body and tracking your results, you will see what training and nutrition schedule works best for you and brings best results.

6. Avoid de Most Common Pitfalls

Last, but not least, there are some crucial pitfalls that some people tend to fall into while trying to achieve their dream physique. Learn them and become one step further right now!

A) Be Aware of Overtraining
You are not training for the Olympic Games, so don’t be too strict on yourself. Better train less, than overtrain, because overtraining often leads to getting sick even from the thought of going to the gym again.

B) Be Aware of Starvation
Eating healthy does not mean starving. You have to get all necessary nutrients in order to achieve and maintain your dream physique. Strict diet may lead to tiredness, fatigue, provide no visible results to your body or even provoke serious illness.

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