Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite.

1) When it Comes to Personal Training for Obese People, Where Do You Start with Your Client?

First of all, I measure the client’s blood pressure and body fat – this is the key to a good start of fitness training. Secondly, I ask a person to gather all data about his/her nutrition (I prefer having 3-5 day food diary). As an experienced personal trainer, I know that people tend to stick to their habits, even if they are told to stop doing something. After analyzing the client’s food diary, I can create a healthy and balanced nutrition program.

2) What Are the Key Exercises to Find out About Goal Achieving Techniques?

For the first 2-6 weeks, full body workouts are the main part of obese people training. For the first 2-4 weeks, cardio vascular exercises would be the base of our training sessions as well. Attention has to be paid to strengthening legs because this is the body part which suffers the most from excessive weight. From my personal training experience, the key to successful training for obese people is body weight exercises with resistance bands.

3) What Other Training Recommendations for Obese People Could You Provide?

Obese people can easily lose their motivation if the results do not appear fast. This is why after starting our workout sessions, it is important to train as often as possible (minimum 3-4 times with me – their female personal trainer, as well as 1 session of fast walking outdoors). We have to start with a bang otherwise obese people tend to quit very quickly.

4) What About Nutrition? Does It Have to Change Immediately?

Absolutely not – with obese people you have to take one step at the time. If you will try applying dramatic changes to them, the result will be different than you expect. First we discuss: what they currently eat, what they cannot live without, what they should be eating, etc. Exploring food diary gives a lot of insights on how to start and how to get on track. Sometimes little adjustments make the biggest impact – knowledge is the key.

5) Is There Anything Else That Needs to Be Considered Training Obese People?

All workouts must be fun and entertaining – otherwise obese people might get bored very quickly. Also, as a personal trainer for obese people, you have to consider, how long they were obese and how much impact it had to their joints.

6) How Long Does It Take to See the Results?

There cannot be one answer to all the cases – it depends on many factors, such as how dedicated the person is. Some people might see the first results after two weeks, some might need a longer period of time to adapt to their new lifestyle and get on track. It also greatly depends on person’s age, gender and nutrition. As soon as your metabolism improves, I can guarantee -3 kg after the first month of personal training with me – otherwise money back!

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