Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite. For couples personal training exercises please read the article.

1) Where Do You, as a Personal Trainer for Couples, Start with Your Clients? 

Firstly, I start with a discussion of goals and their body assessment. After segmental body assessment I usually continue assessing my clients with variety of exercises of push / pull / squat / lunge / carry heavy stuff. By carefully selecting exercises for them I can understand their fitness level and flexibility.

2) Is it possible to train two completely different people?

Most of the time I train two completely different people with different goals of fitness levels. Usually it turns out to be couples training. That’s not a problem at all. As long as people don’t mind to count their own repetitions and honestly complete their sets and reps I can easily manage to train two different people.

3) How often do you recommend training?

That’s totally your decision. After few weeks of training I can tell exactly how many times per week they need to train to achieve their goals. Sometimes additional individual sessions are recommended too. In many cases people have a lower back, posture problems or injuries which needs more attention.

4) Where is the ideal place to train couples?

As a female personal trainer for couples I can state that outdoors and indoors – a mixture of both is possible. There are some pros and cons in the gym:

  • A lot of equipment and different variety of machines
  • can be tricky working during peak hours as the space is limited


  • Plenty of space, great for body weight stuff
  • Weather can be an issue sometimes

5) Things to consider before training…

I do offer personal training for couples, however if you are looking to train with a friend, partner, mum, dad, wife or husband then try to find someone who at least has the same goals, because it’s great for motivation and some competition can be involved which makes training even more fun!

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Written by: Justina

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