Getting a 1 to 1 a Personal Trainer in London 

We can transform your body in just 90 days.

With me you will SEE RESULTS.

You might fall into one of the following categories:

Is this you?

"It's been 6 months since I'm doing cardio and classes. I do get some results in the first 4 weeks but... that's about it, really..."

Is this you?

"I have no idea what to do in the gym or in general to get fit..."

Is this you?

"I've been working out by myself, I know what I"m doing, but I'm a little stuck... I need something new."

Is this you?

If you fall into one of these categories look no further:
I'm your one-to-one personal trainer in London. 

With me you will get very personal attention for the very best results.
Intensive workouts will guarantee overall improvement.
All you need to do is follow my directions.

My private lessons are highly recommended by others

In order to deliver the best personal training sessions in London trainers have to learn a lot.

But It's not only about experience, social skills or knowledge. Hunger for results, passion and ambition - believe me, this is the package you are looking for!

And I am the trainer behind the package.

Affordable packages: great deals & custom plans

In the last few years I've done a lot of research to see what works the best when it comes to training people.

It didn't really take me a long time to understand that motivation and intensity are the key to unlock grey physiques.

I put all my thoughts together in 3 simple but very affordable packages.
I have package to suit everyone so whatever your need my plans will cover it.

Just visit my personal training packages page for more information.

It's all about you. Its all about your needs. Your goals are my goals.

Every minute, every rep counts. My mission is to deliver you the best service during each of our sessions.

Sometimes the best session means lower back pain relieve and sometimes extra intensive HIIT sessions.

Every individual requires a different discipline and approach.

I say NO to autopilot PT sessions!! 

You would never see me doing the same workout with different people!

Check out my testimonials and you will see what I'm talking about.

Together we assess your physique

We then proceed to create a custom plan

We finally succeed accomplishing it.

More than one person
Couples personal training, duos & groups in general 

If you prefer to train with a group I also cover group personal training sessions. Perhaps you prefer to work out with someone else - not a problem: duos are also welcome.

Couples personal training can also be fun and extremely motivating. Same goes with duos if people know each other, are at similar fitness levels and training to achieve the same goals like FAT LOSS or MUSCLE BUILDING.

I often see PTs doing group sessions and running from one gym corner to other in order to look after two people who have completely different goals and physiques.

It doesn't make sense to me at all. This is not my style.

Recently I started training two coworkers. 

They both are preparing for their wedding and have similar goals. After one month training together I had to be honest with the girls and tell them that if they were to continue with the group sessions they would not archive the best results. I knew I could earn more and work less by training them together, but with me its not about money.

It's all about results.

Bespoke training caters for all your needs

What is affordable personal trainer?

It's probably personal topic but it is good to give people who are thinking of getting a personal trainer who are new to this a general idea in order to guide them.

In different gyms and private studios in London the cost can vary between £15-£130ph.

More expensive does not always means better. It really depends on area you are in.

So if trainer is in central London and charging £15 that means something 'is not right'. Something along those lines would be more expected outside of London.

So when I was adjusting price for my sessions I knew I had to find it somewhere in between £15 and £130.

So I guess my prices fall into the average price brackets.

One day I would love to hire a personal trainer who is charging £130ph just out of curiosity. For now, I prefer to spend that money doing courses or improving my skills.

What is the cost of a personal trainer London based?

People like accuracy, especially when it comes to the cost of taking inches off their waist :)

I often can hear questions:

How much is going to cost me 5 inches off my hips??

I have only one answer - It depends on you and how good will you be doing the rest 23 hours after our session.

It's impossible me to tell how much is going to cost without knowing you. Some people adopting new habits very quickly, others do take a bit more time.


With my flexible package you getting super intensive approach which usually leads to a much healthier tomorrow and rest of the year. 3 times a week training and 24/7 motivation + 100% nutrition covered and you even don't need to leave your home for only £499.

You can't really get more personal than that. 

Covering both home training and outdoor training

But can you do the same workout at home like at the gym? One of the most popular question from clients who are not sure if home training is effective.

Yes, it's not easy to get the same workout at home and at the gym, but it is possible.

For home training you will need:
A. A talented personal trainer
B. Atleast 2*2 square metre space

You have to remember that not always fancy equipment means better workouts.

Most freelance mobile personal trainers are working outdoors and visiting clients at home.

And yes we do have basic kit in our rucksacks - jumping rope, TRX, resistance bands, boxing kit and sometimes even light dumbbells.

I would highly recommend everyone to try outdoor training.

Feeling of wind in your hair while doing sprints never felt so good: the gym Air conditioners can give you that feeling of perfect freedom.

That's why freelance personal trainers are called mobile personal trainers. We are just a text away from you. And you get the whole package: motivation, kit, good mood and the most important way to a healthier you.

Mobile personal trainer is good because:

1. It saves you time
2. The trainer comes to your place
3. No need to spend money on gym memberships
4. Gives you no excuse to not train
5. Makes it easier to workout with your family members or friends.


Waste no time: contact me today

My clients call me "Mean Machine" and "Pain Lady".
It makes me laugh but I feel proud at the same time.

They love me because I give them what they need. 

My training is very personal and very professional.

  1. Visible results in 4 weeks: 4 weeks is NOT a long time. This is fast if you work it.
  2. Boost your confidence: I'm there to help you all the way, from first assessment to enjoying your success.
  3. Overall health benefits: we know it's not just about looking good, but also feeling good mentally also.

Choosing the perfect personal trainer is key to your success!

You need to connect with your chosen trainer and achieve results that last.

Remember you are doing one of the most important things: you're healing the temple where the soul lives.


Qualifications are important and you will need to make sure that your personal trainer is fully qualified. Check out my qualifications here and contact me if you have any questions you may have.

"We first assess your physique, create a custom plan and succeed accomplishing it. With me you will see results. Full stop.

P.S.: I work on a first come, first served basis so it is important to get in touch as soon as you know your availability.

Have Justina be your personal trainer for only £75!