Written by female personal trainer, London based, Justina Triasovaite.

Learn how to perform one of the most effective exercise for gluteus and over all lower body. This intermediate lower body exercise is very good because It can also correct your squats technique.

For this gluteus exercise you need to have barbell and step. Also remember to Warm up before every training.

About this gluteus exercise 

This exercise is perfect for people  who already had experience with squatting. Seated squats requires much wide motion range.  Which means much more pressure on your gluteus. If with simple squats you had a chance to cheat a little bit with seated squats there is no room to cheat. 

Remember to:

Try exercise without weights, before choosing barbell weight

Rules to follow

Here are the rules you need to follow:

FIRST RULE – Full sit down and stand up on each repetition
SECOND RULE – Squeeze your gluteus tightly and push pelvis forward on top
THIRD RULE – Whiles sitting on the step lean forward before standing up
FOURTH RULE – Make sure your back is in neutral position all the way throw the exercise

Places where you can do it

EVERYWHERE: gym, park, at home, anywhere you like.

Benefits of this workout

  • Increased strenght in lower body
  • Visible and noticible change in lower body
  • Increased stability and balance
  • Improved squats technique 
  • This exercise will help to improve your daily activities 
  • Great after burm 

Common mistakes

Not contracting gluteus on top
Choosing too heavy/too light weight
Arching/rounding back

General nutrition

Muscle building requires well balancd diet. For more information about nutrition please visit my Facebook.com/justinatraining or just email/text me directly. 

Ready to give it a go?

You need to perform this exercise at least once a week in order to SEE RESULTS in around 6 weeks. Progressive overload is a MUST for this type of exercise. 


Please leave me your comments below. What did you think of the exercise? What is easy enough for you? Is there anything else you would have wanted me to cover? What other exercises would you like me to teach you? I’m all ears! 🙂

Written by: Justina

Professional Personal Trainer in London Justina Triasovaite is a trilingual, highly educated, professional and friendly advanced PT. 100% dedicated to fitness, Justina's workouts are extremely varied, adapted to you, fun and effective. If you want to enjoy exercising, not be bored and SEE RESULTS don't hesitate to take your fitness to the next level with Justina!

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