Written by female personal trainer, London based, Justina Triasovaite.

Learn how to Deadlift. This intermediate bodybuilding exercise is very good because you can build strong gluteus, correct posture and strengthen back just with one simple movement. 

For this bodybuilding exercise  you need to Barbell .

About this gluteus  exercise

This gluteus exercise is for people who would like to build strong gluteus, hamstrings, correct posture and strengthen back muscles. 

Remember to:

With deadlifts you never going to get bored. It’s all about how heavy you can go. The heavier weights are more of definition in your gluteus and hamstrings you will see. 

Rules to follow

Here are the rules you need to follow:

FIRST RULE – Start with very low weight
SECOND RULE – repeat exercise every week with 5% weight increment 
THIRD RULE – Keep your back straight all the way
FOURTH RULE – squeeze your shoulder blades together when contacting gluteus

Places where you can do it

EVERYWHERE: gym, park, at home, anywhere you like.

Benefits of this workout

  • Improved overall strength 
  • Stronger and better shaped gluteus
  • Improved posture
  • Improved strength of hamstrings 
  • Stronger core
  • Great exercise to strengthen your lower back and get rid of pain

Common mistakes

Rounding back whiles lifting up and lowering barbell
Not engaging core muscles
Not retracting your shoulder blades  

General nutrition

Well balanced protein and carbohydrate diet will bring best results

Ready to give it a go?

You need to perform this exercise once a week in order to SEE RESULTS in around six weeks


Please leave me your comments below. What did you think of the exercise? What is easy enough for you? Is there anything else you would have wanted me to cover? What other exercises would you like me to teach you? I’m all ears! 🙂

Written by: Justina

Professional Personal Trainer in London Justina Triasovaite is a trilingual, highly educated, professional and friendly advanced PT. 100% dedicated to fitness, Justina's workouts are extremely varied, adapted to you, fun and effective. If you want to enjoy exercising, not be bored and SEE RESULTS don't hesitate to take your fitness to the next level with Justina!

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