Written by female personal trainer Justina Triasovaite.

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In this article we ask Justina the advantages of training in Marylebone.

When we talk about the ‘Marylebone’ area, what are we covering exactly? (Streets, roads, parks, etc).

When we talk about Marylebone, Regent’s Park comes in first place, followed by all the quiet roads around it. Marylebone is a big area and very well known (and I know it well!). As a personal trainer I’m always very active and prefer to reach my clients by walking instead of public transport. This way I become familiar with areas. So Marylebone is not an exception. In my previous articles I mentioned private little parks where only residents have permits to enter but Marylebone also has great little parks too like Dorset Square Gardens or Paddington Street Gardens. 

Regents Park is well known for its beautiful flower gardens. What’s your favourite training spot(s) here if any?

Regent’s Park is very very big and to describe all the different places is pretty hard, so I it’s usually depends on my clients. It’s all about personal training. Some clients prefer to train behind the bush and others in the open fields.
My favourite place is away from tourists and if possible in the sun.

The Marylebone Road in itself is dangerous, long and polluted. I bet there are lovely spots around where you can hide and workout away from the car-crazyness of the area.

Yes, Marylebone Road is very dangerous but, most importantly, very very polluted. So I would not take my clients anywhere near Marylebone Road. There are a few quiet roads just off Baker Street with a little hill near it so that probably would be the closest I would get to Marylebone Road.

Give us a quick workout routine covering a few spots around the Marylebone area.

I’m female personal trainer but that doesn’t meant that I’m only a ladies personal trainer. I do train a lot males and Marylebone is the perfect area for good outdoor army style bootcamp.

What are gyms… what do you recommend

To be honest there are no gyms in Marylebone. These is probably a few personal training private studios, but there is no public gym.

In fact, that’s how I met my existing clients from Marylebone, they were members of Oxford Street Gym (the one I’m currently working at – easyGym).

Mornings, afternoons or early evenings… What’s your favourite time of the day to take a client around Marylebone and work her/his butt off!

My favourite time to train people is between 10-12 am and 2-5 pm, because it is the most quiet time. But it’s almost never quiet… 🙂 so anytime is a good time to pump some iron 🙂

Give us a few ideas regarding one to ones or group workouts within this area.

Group workouts in Marylebone area are very popular. There are a lot of outdoor classes in Regent’s Park. But I train a max of 2 people per group, because I like to keep it personal training. Classes instructor and a personal trainer are two completely different specialties. I specialising in 100% support and dedication to my clients during the sessions I pay more attention to what client can or can’t do instead of just delivering a plan made by  someone who own a class.

A spot nobody knows about…? Surprise us : )

For that you will have to get in contact with me 🙂

Anything else we should know about this area for your potential clients?

It’s always good to find out from your local council or landlord if you are not entitled to one of these little private parks. The best personal training sessions in Marylebone can be delivered in/outdoors; it all depends on your preference. No need to purchase equipment for personal training sessions.

How can clients book?

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Tell us about your latest video…

My latest video is about compound exercises with medicine ball.

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Written by: Justina

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