Written by female personal trainer, London based, Justina Triasovaite.

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In this article we ask Justina the advantages of training in either Kensington or South Kensington (or ‘South Ken’).

The first words that come to mind: “Kensington Gardens”. Where & what do you do with your clients in that area.

Oh yes, Kensington Gardens.. Last summer was my first time working in that part of the park and I loved it. First of all because there is a lots of open space and at the same time private areas. For outdoor training is very important to have even surface and Kensington Gardens has very long driveway which is perfect for HIIT (sprinting), plyometrics (jumping), lower body workouts (walking lunges, walking squats and ect). Another good thing is – benches which is perfect for upper body (press-up, dips and much more!).

Hyde Park is also near. Is it a good place for training? Any other parks around the area you can take your clients to?

Any park is better than no park :)) Kensington, South Kensington… all full of beautiful squares. Good things about squares is that usually they have only a few people around so it’s very personal and quiet. Hyde Park and other public parks are a great place in terms of space, but they can have some minuses too. Like stepping in dog poop or having difficulties in using the benches. Also not ideal places if you are scared of dogs or don’t like other people seeing you sweating.

You made an interesting comment regarding the gyms in the Chelsea area. How about Kensington or South Ken, any comments on the gyms within these areas?

It’s very very well know that in general Kensington Borough is very posh. One of the best and well equipped gyms, Equinox, is there just on High Street Kensington. There are also at least a few Virgin Active gyms followed by private members gym like KX. Last year I had a great desire to become a part of one of those gyms. But I understood that I prefer to be an independent female personal trainer – my own brand. Plenty of private studios or not even official studios. A lot of personal trainers, yoga or Pilates instructors, just training people in their own flats.

Kensington & South Kensington are very central, very well located. Park, streets or home training? Choose one of the three and tell us why.

A good personal trainer would choose one, but the best personal trainer would combine all of them. If we are looking at long term personal training we are going to use as much variety as possible. You want take your client outdoors, indoors or even in water! My workouts are extremely varied, tough and fun. Same routines don’t even exist.

What are people in this area looking for? Do you find there’s a pattern?

People in this area looking for a long term personal trainer. I notice that personal training for them is part of the lifestyle and not just for fat loss or muscle gain.

What are the best times for training? What about mothers with children, any possibilities to come up with plans that allow for mums and their children to train together?

For outdoor training the best times are when it’s not raining or not dark. Even with light rain you can still train. I do that sometime – we just hide under a big tree and do training there. It takes ages until the water filters throw the leaves. In terms of training with children, it’s totally up to parents. I’m not offering babysitting ; ), but i don’t mind if there are kids running around as long as we can still exercise. Usually kids just try to mimic the exercises 🙂

What do you like the most about this area?

I like Kensington, because is so green, especially considering that we are in central London. I like to know that people are valuing my services and there I get a very good feeling! Also these particular areas are full of organic/healthy food shops and boutiques. it’s easy to find good healthy snacks after a training session.

Describe a very simple route within these 2 areas. Maybe one route for Kensington in general and one for South Kensington. Just so the potential client can imagine what it would be like to train with you around these areas. (What would you do / cover and where…). Just a general planning of the different places you would go for training.

For people who like to run the perfect route would be Warwick Road, which goes all the way from Earls Court towards High Street Kensington leading to Holland Park. I do like this road because it’s usually very empty. It’s good for endurance training; long run followed by compound exercises in Holland park finished by a fast walk home.

What if they live in the area but want to train somewhere else, just so they feel they ‘go somewhere’ to get fit. Where would your ‘next stop’ be?

Its really depends what your priorities are. I would be more than happy to welcome him or her to the gym i’m currently based on in central London, Oxford Circus. It’s most likely to be walking or cycling distance for someone who lives in the Kensington area. And we have Regents park just round the corner. What can be better than that? 🙂

Tell us about your latest video…

My latest video is about diferent biceps and triceps training using your own body weight and TRX suspensions system. Please have a look

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Written by: Justina

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