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Intense pace of life usually leaves us with very little free time and motivation to go to a gym. Constant hopes to start training on Monday and failing to follow that resolution may leave you disappointed with yourself. Have you heard of online personal training? It’s much more versatile than you could have ever expected!

1. Options of online personal training

You can choose from variety of options when it comes to online personal training. Some trainers offer programs to train indoors / outdoors / at the gym. But before getting your program, you should have a consultation with a trainer or at least get a questionnaire to fill in. These are the first steps of online personal training and if the trainer offers it to you, you can be sure that you won’t get a training program downloaded from Google or Bodybuilding.com. Other personal trainers have a more specific online training approach – they train you over skype or other type of video call. This is a more personal way of online training as you are watched by a specialist and have that boost of motivation at all times. Also, online training is great if you want to save time as you can stay at home instead of travelling to meet a trainer.

2. You don’t need to be seen by other people

Online personal training works great for people who can become shy when doing exercises in public. If you feel the most comfortable in your own home, you don’t have to push yourself anymore.

3. Online training improves your exercise technique at home

Online personal training provides all the benefits of traditional training, so while training at home, you will be constantly improving your posture and exercising technique. A professional personal trainer will monitor your technique through video training session and provide you lots of tips on how to improve it.

4. Save money

While training online, you will not only be achieving your body transformation goals, but also saving money as online personal training is less expensive than regular personal training. Although, my advice would be to try combining both training styles (online and regular) together. See your trainer at least once a week because as much convenient it is to train online, seeing your trainer face to face will be beneficial for both of you: your trainer will track your progress more clearly and you will be able to ask all the questions directly. Also, choosing combined training approach will allow you to keep a nice training balance while still having lots of freedom.

5. Definitely consider these things before choosing online training coach:

  • Before and after pictures and client testimonials. How else will you know what your trainer is capable of when transforming other peoples’ bodies? Ask to provide several examples of his / her previous work.
  • Website and social media accounts. Check if the trainer has a website and professional page on social media. Be aware of selfie gurus – they might look good, but their beautiful selfie won’t change your body. Check out what information they are translating through their online presence. Look for the articles and other material that shows their knowledge.
  • Liability insurance. Find out if your personal trainer is covered by liability insurance. In case something goes wrong – you will be covered too.
  • Education and qualifications.Make sure that your trainer is qualified to do his job – a professional will be able to answer all questions regarding this topic.
  • One to one consultation. Having face to face discussion with your personal trainer can be extremely beneficial for your future results! What is more, by listening to your online personal trainer, you can find out how confident and knowledgeable he / she is and if his / herpersonality matches your expectations.

6. Last, but not least… is online training as effective as training face to face?

Yes, if you are motivated and dedicated enough. And no, if you think that all your efforts end at the point where you get your training program. After you get some guidance from your coach, you have to stay curious and eager to learn and grow. Simply said, you have to be self motivated if you want your online training sessions to be as effective as regular training. Also, technique and tempo play a huge role in this process. The most important criteria that can guarantee successful online personal training is knowing what you are doing. If you don’t know it yet, that’s fine – reach out to a professional for some advice. Also, book a personal training session where your trainer will explain everything you need to know about exercise.

To sum up, in exercise, as in most cases in life, knowledge is extremely important. If you are struggling with consistency and motivation and think that your exercise techniques could be definitely improved, don’t hesitate and find professional help. The training approach does not play such a big role in this – as long as you have professional help, you may achieve great body transformation results in the middle of your living room. Don’t forget, that I’m here to help!

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