Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite.

Now that you have decided to finally give yourself some time and work on your fitness, the next thing you need to do is find a trainer for you who is going to help you in achieving your fitness goals. But, a trainer in general is someone who caters many people and might not give you a personal attention and focus that you require, which is why one needs a personal trainer to get an individual attention that will motivate you even more. Since fitness industry is very big now and there are many personal trainers who are offering fitness training services, you need to figure out who is the best personal trainer for you. I’m working in the gym for quite some time now. I have seen many cases where personal trainers were not up to standards. But for new trainee its might be very difficult to detect if PT is suitable or not. so  I am going to point out 4 main points you need to pay attention on before signing up with a personal trainer.

Experience and education

Anybody can call themselves a personal trainer without any exercise science degree, certification or something similar which is why it is very important to ask your male or female personal trainer about what qualifications they hold and the experience they have in the fitness industry.The words you are looking for is not only REPS level 3 personal trainer. You are looking to hear about all aditional courses they have done.  Like:

  • Kettlebells 
  • VPRS
  • Pad work
  • HIIT 
  • Strength and conditionin
  • and much more…

 Note that for very newbies you are going to be just a part of their experience that gives you a right to ask for a discount for a first block of sessions or at least few demo sessions. there is no set number of years of experience required, but i would suggest minimum 2 years.


People can say a lot of things which might be not true. Good and well established personal trainer must provide testimonials written by their clients in order to convince the new client to hire the trainer. Other than providing a written testimonial, if the personal trainer can provide you with a before and after picture of few of his old clients that would even be better. Nothing is more powerful than a recommendation. Before contacting personal trainer in your local gym take time and watcher him/her working with other people. Do they  

  • Looking profesional
  • Concentrated
  • Caring 
  • Using variety of equipment and different techniques
  • Being energetic


Before buying a block of personal training sessions make sure you get all the information about the workout type, weight training and whether a proper diet chart according to your body type will be given or not. Ask the trainer to tell you a little bit more about the overall plan he/she has in his mind about your sessions and how is he/she planning on conducting them. Having a clear vision of what you are going to get is the key. Personal trainer must offer you a proper assessment which includes body fat and muscle mass calculations that help in designing the strategies and conducting a proper program. Also ask about their strategies.

Do not forget – during your consultation with Personal trainer not only you suppose to ask questions. Your chosen PT should ask you some information about you too. Like 

  • Your previous training experiance
  • Injuries
  • Training preferences
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Struggles 
  • Nutritional habits 


It is not at all necessary for a trainer to have a body like models, but they should be fit themselves and must know how to look after their bodies. A trainer should know and understand how the overall body system works keeping in mind your special needs and preferences in order to give right advises to your clients. A person who has never tried diet or bulking, heavy lifting or sprinting will not understand how body is reacting to different activities and stress.

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Written by: Justina

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