Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite.

Do you need personal trainer for 3 times a week?

So you have been exercising for months and still don’t see any results? That’s a usual phenomenon which is happening with everyone who is looking to get a healthy body from the videos on the internet. Let me tell you something, every body is different and so the way they would perform. A standard method to lose weight won’t work on everyone, and so personal trainers come into being. Personal trainers would look your body, examine your strength, work on your weaknesses and then design sessions for you.

And we start with…

Finding a good personal trainer…who is ready to take your goal as their own. Not all personal trainers can explain you their procedure and process, but I would do that. This would make it easy for you to understand the program the top female personal trainer offers. Please have a look at my package for a new client : 

12 sessions x 45min

  • kick start program 
  • segmental body assessment
  • asymmetry assesment
  • corrective exercises
  • guidance with your nutrition and diet plans
  • different training styles
  • functional training
  • advanced methods to archive your goals as quickly and safe as possible
  • 24 h support 
  • training material for the days when you are not seeing me 

These all fantastic benefits will be your after signing up with me. There is only one condition – these 12 sessions has to be completed in 4 weeks. this is the only way for me to guarantee you results. 3 times a week training is must. if you are looking for female personal trainer for 3 times a week I’m best mach for you. 

​You can check out my other packages here

What happens next?

Once you’re done with your 12 sessions, I will assess you and theeffect the 12 sessions had on your body. I will then customize the training and exercises for you. I assure you that the 12 sessions will make you understand the exercises and you could do it on your own, but I would still recommend carrying on with your personal trainer. I have seen many who would enter into a class and would leave it in a few weeks as they think they learnt everything. Being a top female personal trainer I would give your professional guidance at every stage of your body change and will keep your motivation high throughout. Many times, once you lose your weight, you need to get your muscles out or need other guidance, and that’s where your personal trainer will be there to help you and provide you with a good path.

Don’t stop….

Many times, people leave exercising once they achieve their desired weight or goal, and that’s when they become lazy. If you have a professional trainer, you won’t ever get overweight because they would keep your energy high and will deal with mood swings or unhealthy habits. The five everyday things that are destroying your happiness are lazy, overweight, moody, unhealthy and tired, and your trainer will keep you away from it.

It’s also important to take a break from your PT as that would give you both a good energy when you get back. Having a friendly relationship with your PT is always beneficial and would work wonders as your personal trainer understands your body and habits and work the schedule accordingly. I have always had a friendly relationship with my clients and understand how important that is for the exercise regime.

Let’s get in touch!

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Written by: Justina

Professional Personal Trainer in London Justina Triasovaite is a trilingual, highly educated, professional and friendly advanced PT. 100% dedicated to fitness, Justina's workouts are extremely varied, adapted to you, fun and effective. If you want to enjoy exercising, not be bored and SEE RESULTS don't hesitate to take your fitness to the next level with Justina!

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