Written by female personal trainer London based Justina Triasovaite.

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In this article we talk about the advantages of training in Lewisham. Ready? Let’s go!

Lewisham is your local area, do you train a lot of residents?

Yes, I’ve lived in Lewisham borough for the last 3 years and I absolutely love It. I love people and especially all the parks in the area. Yes I train a few locals and I have a big project coming up this year. Make sure you follow my blog and website for news! 

Tell us little bit more about places to train in Lewisham

One of the best parks is Mountsfield Park, located between Hither green and Catford. It’s a huge park! It has football pitch, tennis courts, space for basketball and the most important thing in my view: a good running track and a lot of beautiful grass to train my clients. Not a long time ago Lewisham council built a great outdoor gym for locals. 

Another fabulous place to workout is Manor Park Gardens. Not only offering dog free area but also a fantastic playground for your kids. So while you are training your child can have a good time too! 

Any other training places in Lewisham?

Our famous leisure centre! it has a massive swimming pool, indoor climbing, classes, a gym and a lot of activities for your kids. It’s a family friendly place and in the summer it offers activities outdoors. And lately a few new gyms have opened in Lewisham. 

And Lewisham becoming super active does give such a good impression! 

Is there a nice walking/running routes? 

Lewisham is full of fantastic great routes for walking. You can find a park almost everywhere in Lewisham: Mountsfield Park, Ladywell Fields, Manor Park Gardens, Manor Park, Blackheath Common… and all these parks are connected to beautiful suburban quiet streets. Really relaxing spaces for running as well as walking! 

What are the main  training goals of South East residents?

Like most people in London the goals are  quite similar: get stronger, fitter, leaner. 

Lewisham is very suburban and has a lot of families living in it. I train a lot of stay-at-home-mums and dads. People like to get outdoors and be active any time of the year. And I love training people outside. 

Training people outside can be very challenging, but how do you measure strength progress? 

Yes; in the park we don’t have dumbbells and barbells but that doesn’t mean that you can’t progress. 99% of average women can’t do a single press up. Do you have any idea how many press-ups variations you can perform? Or take lunges, for example; have you ever tried up-hill lunges?? 

 It is much harder to measure using numbers, but there are different ways to detect progress. For example, resting time can be one variable, number of reps or sets another, or how quickly you can perform while on a circuit. But the most important thing is how you are feeling and looking afterwards. 

Are there many places to eat healthy in Lewisham? 

Actually lewisham has many restaurants, especially around the Blackheath area. But I can’t say that there are that many healthy food places. Most of them are chain restaurants or pubs. 

Actually, recently we had a Vietnamese family open a restaurant in Hither Green,  just round the corner from my house. It’s a really tiny place with only 5 tables but food is made from scratch and it’s super healthy and sooo tasty!

Even though Lewisham doesn’t have many healthy restaurants it has a huge vegetables and fruits market. And it’s so cheap, located just few minuntes from the train station. I love to support local business so I often shop for my  vegetables and fruits there. 

How can clients book?

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Written by: Justina

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