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In this article we ask Justina the advantages of training in North London.

North London is one of the best places in the world to get fit. Having lived in North London for a while as a personal trainer I have utilised many of North London’s great fitness facilities and public parks to help my clients get fit and healthy.

What is North London like from a fitness perspective?

North London is a big area and there is always something going on. The huge green spaces and largely agreeable climate enable people to take their sports outdoors any time of the year. If you are more prone to exercise indoors London is a great place too. As well as buzzing high streets, full of boutique training studios there are bunch of excellent gyms that range from the big chain establishments seen throughout the country to the smaller start-up gyms.

  It’s all happening in North London! We are spoilt for choice with a variety of beautiful parks. Finsbury Park, Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath have fantastic outdoor gyms and great running routes. 

Let’s talk more about outdoor training

North London is full of places to workout outdoor. Huge parks like Hampstead Heath, Finsbury Park, Regent’s Park and smaller parks like Paddington recreation ground, Primrose Hill in Camden, Waterloo Park in Holloway, Queen’s Wood in East Finchley and many more mean I never have to worry about having a space to get fit or train with my clients.

If you are fan of particular sports like golf there are quite a few places to learn and practice around Hampstead Heath and East Finchley. 

My favourite training spot in North London…

Being a London based female personal trainer I have a developed a liking for a few parks in particular over the years.  I would especially like to highlight Primrose Hill as a place I use to train people at various stages of their fitness journey. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, Primrose Hill is a great place to train.

It is perfect for high intensity training and you get to reward yourself with a wonderful view of London when you get to the top of the hill. On a Sunday afternoon, the hill has a tranquil vibe and the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to get up run until your exhausted and want to collapse on the grass. It inspires you to train harder. 

On my clients training outdoors

I believe I have two types of clients:

1) Crazy outdoors enthusiasts. 12 months a year, come rain or shine they will be outside braving the elements; and

2) Those who only want to train outdoors if the weather is good!

Most of my clients like to train outdoors and London is reasonably accommodating for most of the year. It rarely gets too hot or cold to train. The mildness of British weather whilst not is exciting is excellent for me and for the people I train. It is also helps that the majority of parks in North London are well maintained, so you’re not at risk of twisting an ankle or wading through weed riddled fields.

It’s beneficial to train outdoors- better oxygen flow. I have noticed that once I take my clients outdoors they become so much more alive and are much more active than in the gym or their homes. Being amongst nature rather than in a sweaty, noisy gym tends to bring out the best in my clients.

One of the most impressive places in North London is Alexandra Palace Park

Alexandra Palace Park is another fantastic place to exercise. There are so many things to do! From a personal training perspective, it is an awesome space to train my clients whether I’m planning on walking/jogging/biking or sprinting up to the Palace.

Alexandra Palace Park is full of sports activities including a Go Ape facility, an ice rink and even a boating lake. I love to take my clients with their family for the day and spend the day doing various challenging activities.

I hope you enjoyed this short summary of my experience getting fit and healthy in North London. There are always more places to discover and I’m open to any suggestions you might have!

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Written by: Justina

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