Written by female personal trainer, London based, Justina Triasovaite.

One question that many people who venture into exercise is whether they need a personal fitness trainer. The answer to this question depends on several things. Just like you need a teacher to learn about mathematics or computing science, you need a personal trainer to teach you how to exercise. Fitness is a lot more than just jogging round the block or lifting weights. You need to do it right so that you are safe and build the right muscles. Not every exercise will help you lose weight – and this is where personal trainers can be very helpful.

What can a female personal trainer do for me?

A personal trainer can do many things for you including providing you with effective and creative workouts. One common reason why many people drop out of exercise is because of boredom and monotony of the same exercises. Fitness trainers usually have a diverse number of exercises that not only prevent boredom but also help you achieve your goals. In addition, a top female personal trainer can also teach you how to perform the exercise safely and prevent injuries.

Is there any difference in outcome goals if I have a personal trainer or not?

There is now ample evidence indicating that having a personal fitness trainer can increase your fitness goal by more than 30-50%. A personal fitness trainer can help motivate you, be non-judgmental, supportive and has your fitness goals as a priority.

Is a personal fitness trainer for everyone?

Not everyone needs a personal fitness trainer. There are some people who just walk or jog and they can do just fine without a trainer. A personal fitness trainer is best suited for an individual who has tried to exercise but has failed to achieve his or her goals, lacks motivation, does not know where to begin and what type of exercises to perform. The important thing to understand is that a personal fitness trainer can be a short or long term commitment- once you get an idea what you are supposed to do, you can do the exercises on your own. In general, a personal fitness trainer is best suited for an amateur who is trying to turn professional, needs to lose weight or tone the body quickly or needs motivation. Overall people who thrive with personal trainers are those who have set goals and enjoy exercising .

How do I select a female personal trainer?

Before you select a personal trainer, get to know what your goals are. Determine ahead of time what you want to achieve (Eg endurance,flexibility, strength, balance or speed). Next think what type of person motivates you and what your struggles are. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can determine what type of personal trainer is best suited for you

How do I know if the personal trainer if this is the right personal trainer?

Before you sign any contract, ask the trainer for his or her qualifications, training in first aid, does he or she supply nutrition information and any recommendations. Finally put the personal trainer to test for just one session. If you enjoy the first session, feel comfortable and the feelings are mutual, then you are set.

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