Here personal trainer London based Justina gives you tips and tricks on nutrition.

This article will reveal lots of useful tips and tricks on nutrition – essential component of any successful body transformation. You will find out how to define a successful diet and learn some great tips for creating new healthy habits.

1. What is the Best Diet?

Let’s establish one extremely important thing first – I do not agree with diets of any type. In order to achieve substantial body transformation goals, you have to get rid of your old habits, adopt new ones and eat healthy every day. Actually, this particular idea is the key of my whole body transformation program! So if you want to find out, what is the best diet, my answer is –eating healthy all the time.

2. Where to Start?

Start right there you are by doing five simple things to transform your body:

  • Analyse your current diet. If we have already met, you probably now know a lot more about nutrition than you did before, so you can make your own unbiased opinion and evaluate your nutrition by finding outits benefits as well as imperfections.
  • Count your BMR (basal metabolic rate). It can be calculated by a simple formula and will provide you a lot of knowledge regarding your daily food intake needs.
  • Establish your goals. Nothing great happens if you have no actual goal what you want to achieve. Start small, be good to yourself and don’t overrate your capabilities.
  • Clean your cupboard from all the C.R.A.P. Sorry, but this is the only word that illustrates my opinion about all these unnecessary foods: C-Carbohydrates, R-Refined Sugar, A-Artificial Colours, P-Processed Foods.
  • Do green and lean shopping. In order to eat healthy, you have to start shopping healthy as well. Include more greens and lean foods into your daily shopping cart.

3. Tips that Will Help you Stick to Your New Healthy Habits

Do you think that you have done everything you could to transform your body? It doesn’t stop here – you should follow some easy steps to ensure that everything works out:

  • Plan your meals in advance. It will be easier to stay on track if you plan your weekly meals in advance.
  • Cook at home. If you are not already doing it, you should start! Only by cooking at home, you will know exactly what is on your plate everyday.
  • Take your food to work. Work is probably the place where you spend the majority of your time. Being under stress and continuously rushing can result in eating unhealthy meals, e.g. taking away food from fast food restaurants. Don’t let this happen to you – be wiser.
  • Don’t take money to work.If your biggest weakness is snacking, simply don’t take any cash from home – this way you will be safe from all those vending machines, which are always waiting for you in the lobby of your office building. 🙂
  • Do weekly shopping. We already discussed the importance of planning your meals in advance, but planning your shopping trips in advance is important too. Buy everything you need at once as the more often you go to the shop, the more chances there are that you will buy something unnecessary.
  • Choose one evening to prepare meals for the next 5 days. Cooking everyday might seem too much, but if you prepare all meals at once, it will be much easier to deal with.

4. What if I Can’t Cook?

This is not such an unusual question for me. My answer is simple – cooking healthy meals doesn’t make me a cooking genius, which means you can do it as well. Your plate should include healthy lean meat (or other protein) and vegetables. Don’t overthink and keep it simple. Bare in mind that there are a lot of great recipes on the Internet so don’t be lazy to browse a little. You have to find what works for you and filter your choices. Start simple – grill some chicken with vegetables, steam some fish with broccoli. Easy, right? And very delicious!

5. Fruits Yes or No?

Fruits are a tricky topic – they definitely are healthy and can be the best alternative to sweets, although, they also contain fructose. If you take too much fructose daily, it can slow down your metabolism and negatively affect your body transformation process. What is more, you should know that dark coloured fruits and berries contain bioactive polyphenols that will work their magic together with high-glycemic foods reducing the high spike of glucose caused by these foods in the body.

All in all, the tips and tricks that you have read in this article, will be a great base for your new healthy lifestyle. If you apply at least a couple of those tips to your daily eating routine, you will see positive results shortly. One last thing to remember – keep it simple and always listen to your body needs.

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