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Sometimes training to get fit can be lonely even if you have a personal trainer. Increasingly I have been receiving requests for personal training from couples and small groups.

Whether you feel more comfortable training with your other half or with a friend, finding someone else to get fit with can be extremely motivating.

If you are located in London, near me, and are looking for a female personal trainer for couples you shouldn’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

Here is an outline of what you can expect if you decide to pursue couples personal training and some answers to the possible questions you might ask.

Benefits couples get from personal training

There are numerous benefits to training as a couple:

• You can share the fee and make the strain on your pocket not too harsh.
• It may also be easier to stay motivated outside of the gym. When you have a friend or a partner trying to remain disciplined in the pursuit of fitness goals it makes it easier for you too.
• Couples personal training exercises also serve as a great way to connect mentally and stay in tune with one another.
• Training as if you’re part of a team is encouraging and usually leads to the pursuit of other physical activities.
• The essential competitiveness of training alongside someone can be beneficial for your fitness and your relationship.
• Training as a couple also means you get to spend some quality time together. Sweating and training hard can be a great way to further your bond.

Can we train together if we are at different fitness levels?

Absolutely! My training sessions are adapted to suit people at all levels of fitness.
Sometimes you are going to be doing different types of exercises but you are still going to have a lot of fun and you will not feel neglected.

Over the years, I have developed skills to accommodate all levels and if you are training in a couple hopefully you will have a common determination to succeed regardless of the specific exercises you will be undertaking.

Can we train together if we have different goals?

Similarly, it is natural to have different goals even if you come as a couple.

You are individuals, with your own bodies and will therefore have different ambitions.
My training is there to facilitate the attainment of those goals and ambitions.

The benefit of training as a couple is that despite the difference in goals you are there to help encourage each other.

Speed and Agility

If your primary goal is to improve your speed and agility, whether this be for a specific sport or just generally, with a special program adapted to suit your body I can help you achieve what you want.

My tried and tested personal training techniques have been proven to dramatically increase speed and agility, exceeding the expectations of many of my clients.

Where is the best place to do couples training?

Everywhere and anywhere! We could train in the gym, in your house or at the park. I have all the equipment you need and all that is required of you is to turn up and train hard.


Couples personal training is an exciting and effective way of getting fit and staying healthy.
If you would like to find out more about the personal training rates for couples don’t hesitate to contact me!

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