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Make you squat as simple as they spell! If you feel like transforming your body super quickly, squats could be the ultimate fitness tool for you. Many of us get bloated with fat and look for shedding it in the most convenient way without limiting diet. While there are females that wish to stay fit and feel good, squats are effective and helpful for shaping up. Training with the top female personal trainer is an absolute pleasure. Nothing can feel better than mastering this technique and toning your legs. Go through our complete squat guide right from the scratch.

Muscles engaged

Squat, this single-best lower body exercise is a combination forming full body exercises and training the muscles of.

  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thigs
  • Quadriceps

While performing squat exercise, the size and firmness of legs and buttocks along with developing core strength is achieved and this involves the engagement of trunk muscles, coastal muscles, lower back and the upper back to train properly.

How-to perform (as simple as you can)

Try out squats with this super-easy technique with your female personal trainer Justina

  • Stand straight with feet hip-width apart. Stand your feet apart directly under your hips.
  • Contract your stomach muscles 
  • Lower down as you are sitting
  • Keep your legs straigh
  • Squeeze gluteus on top 

Benefits of squatting 

  • · The main benefit of performing squat exercise is it helps to eliminate waste from the body. Moreover, the muscular workout improves the flow of fluids within the body.
  • · Butt toning is another appealing feature of squats.
  • · Squats are beneficial for improving posture. Stroll around like a beauty queen as squats will balance the way to sit, stand or walk resulting eventually into strengthening back muscles.
  • · Wave goodbye to the unwanted fat with squats. Squats are beneficial for burning calories and toning body muscles too.
  • · Squats are best-known for enhancing circulation. Better circulation means that more nourishment and oxygen to all the essential muscles and organs.

Common mistakes of squatting

  • · The most common mistake while squatting is rounding your back. Make sure your back stays flat and straight as rounding your back could turn out pretty dangerous for your health.
  • · Another blunder arises when you don’t know where to look. The perfect answer to it is “Look forward”. Yeah, you need to look straight while squatting as it is quite safer for your spine.
  • · In order to assure proper knee health, avoid using heel boards or plates for squatting as it moves your knee forward. Instead, try sitting back in squatting and place flexibility in the first place.


    Once you turn out to be a PRO at squatting, you can try out various progressions of squats with great ease and flexibility. Here are the famous three progressions that will move to you the advanced version of squatting with one leg.

    Bulgarian split squats Place your back foot on a lifted platform, with the sole pointing up. While lowering yourself keep your entire weight over your front leg.

    Assisted squats You will need a chair to perform assisted squats. Place your hands on the back of the chair that is placed in front of you. Lower down till your thighs correspond with the floor and rise up using the chair.

    Beginner shrimp squats In this advanced version, you have to lower yourself using one leg until the toes and knees of the bent leg strike the floor at the same time. Then rise up while trying to life your toes and knees again.

    Who should squat

      Squatting and training on a routine basis dates back to the year 1940. As far as the main idea is concerned, everyone can take up squatting be it beginners, intermediate, professionals and even people that have no training background. Here we reveal the secret, Squatting daily can lead to phenomenal results.

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