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Meet the best-known and wondrous full body exercise named as “Shoulder Press”. This combinational exercise involves the procedure in which your arms and shoulders press the weight over head whereas the lower back, legs and abs are meant to balance your posture while performing it. It is flawless exercise for those who look for developing big and muscular shoulders with strong arms.

Muscles engaged

An amazing way to attain balance in strength levels comprises numerous shoulder press variations either seated or standing, with or without support.

  • Back
  • Mid deltoids
  • Triceps
  • Rotator cuff
  • Scapular muscles
  • Traps and lats

How-to perform 

Try out shoulder press super-easy technique with your female personal trainer Justina

  • Grab a dumb bell in both hands
  • Get seated on bench that offers back support
  • Set the dumbbells upright on top of things
  • Now lift the dumbbells to shoulder height (one at a time) while utilizing your thighs to raise them up in to the position


  • Shoulder press offers you with a full body workout. This Olympic-styled lift appears more than an upper body building exercise and is known for delivering s full body workout.
  • An amazing benefit of shoulder press is that it improves your lockout strength. Thus, it helps in increasing your ability to extend your elbows repeatedly.
  • The shoulder press exercise provides the advantage of improved shoulder health and safeguard against injuries when performed correctly.
  • A major benefit of shoulder press exercise is that it strengthens bones. While lifting, the load placed on bones by the weights forces them to adapt just like muscles. As a result, bones turn stronger which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Lastly, another awesome benefit of performing shoulder press exercise is that it helps one develop upper body mass and strength. It’s certainly the best exercise for getting most noticeable results with a stronger and bigger upper body.

Common mistakes

  • The main mistake made while performing shoulder press is gym-freaks don’t identify and differentiate the primary and secondary movers of the exercise. Don’t overwork your front delts in shoulder press exercise.
  • Another culprit of shoulder press is focusing on weights and overlooking muscle stimulation.
  • Lastly, gym trainers utilize too much of momentum without realizing that each delt head is small and for that they need to minimize both momentum and assistance from other muscles of the body.


    Ditch the boring and conventional methods of shoulder-press and this time try something new instead. Here are three shoulder press variations with a much-needed twist.

    Glute bridge combo – Get creative with this variation combo with an additional benefit of working on your glutes while performing shoulder press. Offering an additional leg drive, this variation will let you cheat the bench press by bringing your butt up and excessively arching your back muscles.

    Reverse Grip Squeeze Press – So here goes everyone’s favorite shoulder press variation! Reverse Grip Squeeze Press serves as a great way to hit your pecs and to pump up your body fully after an exhausting workout.

    Eccentric-Focus Single Arm PressThis –  This variation serves as an effective training tool by combining explosive leg drive along with upper body strength. This movement targets the entire body ranging from head to toe while pressing each arm individually with an added benefit of stimulating the rotary stability muscles.

    Who should do this exercise

      This exercise is best suited for gym trainers and professionals especially while trying out the advanced variations with shoulder press. Moreover, beginners can give it a try too with proper assistance of top female personal trainer.

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