A few years ago, I was at my lowest and my largest. I ate terribly and did little to no exercise, I just came to a point where I thought ‘no more’.

I started running and making better choices with food. I lost a lot of weight but after a while it just stopped. I decided I needed help, which is when I met Justina.

At first we were just doing one session a week, which I really enjoyed but Justina told me I would really benefit from more and that I should invest in myself and commit to a month of intense training and dieting.

We completely re hauled my diet and we trained 3-4 times a week. I had never felt better or looked better. I was more toned, had more energy and felt fantastic.

It was really hard work but Justina was so encouraging and she was always there for me if I felt I was struggling.

She cares so much about her clients that she invests in you as much as you invest in her.

She wants to see changes as much as you do.

She will push you to do your absolute best and you will want to as she is such a great trainer.

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me along my way.

I can never thank her enough for that.

Written by: Justina

Professional Personal Trainer in London Justina Triasovaite is a trilingual, highly educated, professional and friendly advanced PT. 100% dedicated to fitness, Justina's workouts are extremely varied, adapted to you, fun and effective. If you want to enjoy exercising, not be bored and SEE RESULTS don't hesitate to take your fitness to the next level with Justina!

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