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If you’re looking to get in to TRX you’ve come to the right place. The TRX system was developed by U.S Navy Seal Randy Hetrick and since its inception in the 90s has become one of the most widely used and impactful exercise regimes. It can be utilised by beginners and professional athletes and is proven to be extremely effective.

In this article, I will outline an advanced TRX exercises workout plan that can help you strengthened your core, increase your mobility and improve your musculature.

1. Benefits of TRX

TRX exercises focus on enhancing your mobility and stability. The techniques used are effective at building lean muscle and improving your overall strength.

TRX is brilliant for your core and balance because of the suspension elements of many of the techniques. When done correctly it is an innovative way of pushing yourself to the limit and spicing up your exercising life!

2. Exercises

TRX is magical equipment. Any exercise can be adjusted for advanced athletes or beginners. For example, with TRX rowing the more parallel to the floor you are the harder it gets. It is perfect for drop sets as you can quickly change resistance and alter the difficulty accordingly

Another example would be TRX squats. If you try single leg and single arm it gets incredibly hard and is great for super advanced trainees. Often for this exercise keeping your torso straight is the hardest part.

Let’s get down to business!

Warm UP

Firstly, grab both handles, lean back and start assisted jumps.

You should follow this by rowing (elbows in, followed by elbows out). You shouldn’t challenge yourself too much here- save some energy for later.

Finally, you can work in some assisted squats.


Get ready for your advanced TRX exercises routine!

  • 1.Single leg squats – Try to use only minimal force with your arms. Push yourself up with your heel.
  • 2.Rowing. You can try two variations: elbows in and elbow out. Make sure you stay parallel to the floor.
  • 3.Pike – Lift your hips as high as you can.
  • 4.Overhead jump lunges – Engage your core for maximum stability.
  • 5. Decline TRX press ups – Keep your back straight and don’t press too low.
  • 6. Leg tuck in and close grip press up – It is imperative that you try to keep your body as stable as you can.

Is TRX for me?

The routine I presented above is just one of many advanced TRX exercise routines and is therefore NOT for everyone. It’s for people who already have a good base level of training under their belt.

However, TRX is amazing equipment that can be used by all levels. All the exercises I mention above can be converted to easier and more manageable versions. If you think you’ll be more interested in these manageable versions, I intend to present some of them in my next article.

When you’re exercising, it is important to be careful especially when you’re just starting out. Make sure you get some guidance before you do your first TRX routines.

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