Written by female personal trainer, London based, Justina Triasovaite.

In this article, I’m going to give you 5 signs that you need a female personal trainer.

Some people prefer training with friends and colleagues, some enjoy exercising by themselves, yet having a personal trainer next to you is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Here are 5 signs that you really need to consider hiring a personal trainer:

1) You have no idea what to do with all gym equipment

Do you have a feeling that you entered an unfamiliar territory? Stepping into the gym seems like making first steps on Mars? If you don’t know what to do with all those machines and treadmill is your only friend, this may be the first alarm that you definitely need a professional next to you.

A personal trainer will explain how everything works and why it is beneficial to you – there is a lot you can do in the gym, don’t limit yourself with the treadmill. Doing only cardio each time won’t make you fitter, slimmer or stronger – it’s not the answer to fat loss and healthy appearance.

2) You go to the gym everyday but see no results whatsoever

If you are going to the gym for a month daily and see no results, this definitely means that you are doing something wrong. After hiring me, a dedicated woman personal trainer in London, you not only will learn how to use the equipment but also get a lot of valuable knowledge about human anatomy and physiology. We will start with a deep assessment of your body and lifestyle and then decide what training path is best for you to achieve your goals.

3) You are bored with your old routine (want to try something new)

As a female personal trainer, I have seen a lot of people doing the same routine day after day – for years. It is bad because of two reasons: it won’t give you any results and it is so boring (many people quit exercising of boredom). If you go to the gym regularly you might also need a personal training session to restart your mind and start seeing training from a different perspective. Constant renewal of the training program also boosts motivation and helps to start getting results again.

4) You are constantly getting injuries in the gym

You come home from the gym with a twisted ankle, sore knees and shoulders – that cannot be good. Don’t risk your bones and joints – a professional will provide you with the necessary knowledge and teach the right technique in order to avoid such injuries in the future. Find out today what you need to do to avoid injury and continue getting results.

5) You have no motivation even to go to the gym

Personal trainer is the best way to keep you motivated as prepaid sessions is a huge motivator.  Sometimes all you need is a kick start to get your motivation back.
If several of those signs fit for you, it might be the time to contact me! I’ll help you to get in shape in a fun and easy way.

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Written by: Justina

Professional Personal Trainer in London Justina Triasovaite is a trilingual, highly educated, professional and friendly advanced PT. 100% dedicated to fitness, Justina's workouts are extremely varied, adapted to you, fun and effective. If you want to enjoy exercising, not be bored and SEE RESULTS don't hesitate to take your fitness to the next level with Justina!

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