Written by ladies personal trainer Justina Triasovaite.

In the world where fashion and figure are given the top priority, maintaining a tiny weight for those perfect curves has become a necessity. Many women struggle through diets as well as exercise routines, but there is some fat that just refuses to go. No matter how hard you try, that pesky fat clings to you like glue to paper. Being a female personal trainer, I have seen many women struggle with those pounds on the weighing machine. So, what do you do? Isn’t there any way that you can carve out those fat pockets to get the ideal figure? Well, where carving is not an option, there are several easy ways to lose fat. To answer this query of almost every woman, here are my top 5, easy ways to lose fat that will leave you with an astounding figure to behold!

Ginseng or Green tea

You may be surprised, but if you look into diets of the many models or your own ideals, you will find that almost all of them are on green or ginseng tea. As a female personal trainer, this is the first advice that I give to the many women who come looking for help. It is fast, easy and extremely effective. Ginseng tea is a great glucose stabilizer and it also helps keep that tummy flat, highlighting the great use it has for toning up your body.

Diet after the period

 The cravings during periods as well as mood swings and hormone changes influence how you diet. Hence, it is best to figure out a diet plan after your period. This way you will have most of the month to follow your diet closely, without unwelcome interruptions. The best way to make this effective is to get a personal trainer. You may think it unnecessary, but the one to one communication with a specialist, such as a female personal trainer is vital for rapid weight loss and cannot be replaced.

Drop sets are best

If you are looking for easy ways to lose fat, then this kind of exercise is a great option. It is a type of high resistance training where you are required to perform the exercises against maximum resistance for a set time. After this, the resistance is lessened and you continue on for further reps without a break. This is an effective way of losing body fat fast. Yes, it can be a bit complicated in the beginning, but with a specialist to aid you, you can get the hang of it fast

​Go sugar-free

Sugar is your enemy. You may be surprised to find it out, but instead of fat, it’s the sugary treats that contribute to your fat pockets the most. Cutting them off is necessary for promoting fat loss. Hence, one of my most helpful tips for easy ways of fat loss is to strip your diet of sugar. Once your body doesn’t get this vital energy source it will move to your fat deposits, literally melting them off.

Heavy lifting

One thing that I often tell women is that lifting weights is not bad. There is this general misconception about weight lifting and bulking up. Being a female fitness trainer, I know how much weight a female body should lift in order to shape out those underarms and thighs. Also, heavy lifting doesn’t just involve weights, rather, there are multiple exercises where your own body may be used as a weight for you.

All in all, there are many ways for weight loss, however, the tips given above are some of the easy ways to lose fat. Of course, you can’t expect miracles to happen overnight, but if you follow these tips consistently, there is no barrier between you and that amazing body that you always dreamed of. In all of this, however, I must emphasize that for rapid and effective weight loss a personal trainer is a must. Someone who is experienced in guiding you to the best exercises, targeting your necessary points and motivating you altogether is vital for a weight loss plan to be successful. So, when are you planning to get that ideal body?

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