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Watch out when looking for a personal trainer. It is very easy to make mistakes so please read below as my 4 pointers will really help you make a sound decision! 

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Hi! I’m female personal trainer London based Justina Triasovaite. In this article I’ll be helping you choose the right personal trainer.  It is important that the right person trains you. 

Ready? Let’s go!

1) The Problem with Trusting Only Social Media Posts

Social Media being so big nowadays it just sounds completely normal to simply buy the products that are being advertised on these very platforms. But, can we really trust a professional who we know just from posting selfies and having a particular number of followers?

I’m not saying there aren’t any professionals on Social Media, not at all!, but there are a lot more amateurs than the real deal. 

Before hiring someone from Social Media please make sure the content below the images look as good as the images themselves if you see what I mean. A real professional will always give you great training tips, scientific explanation on certain things or nutritional tips that go along with their photos.

Followers don’t mean anything. There are so many different applications and websites where you can buy followers and likes! Interaction is what counts here: see how followers are interacting with other people via their comments. Be very careful with the ‘before and after’ pictures, make sure there is information about the person somewhere within the text and also check testimonials.

You see, there are so many apps also where you can edit your pictures before and after as well as really good ‘instagrammers’ who know best angles, etc to show you their body transofmation(s).

2) Not Bothering to Interview a Few Candidates

Take your time choosing someone. I know sometimes we like to act fast. But you need to hold your horses, as they say. This is your body and health you’re about to trust someone you don’t know with. Start your body transformation by investing time doing some research! It’s enticing to head to your local gym and choose from the profile board. But please take your time: jump on a treadmill or a bike and watch how personal trainers work there.

A) Are they concentrating on their clients or playing with their phones? 
B) See how PT’s interact with their clients
C) Watch their techniques
D) Look at the body language: are they confident? Shy? Confused? Quick? Lazy? Slow?

All of these things count!

3) Not Asking for a Trial Session

When you finally choose your trainer ask for a consultation and a short trial session. It is very important because your personal trainer might have all the knowledge in the world but there might not be a connection between the two of you.

Bear in mind you’ll see your PT more often than your friends or sometimes even more often than your own family. You two should connect! So, during the first consultation and trial session you will know if you can work with this person on a daily basis or if you won’t be able to.

4) Looking for a Cheap Deal

Cheap and cheerful is NOT EXACTLY what you should be looking for when it comes to your health. 90% of people who hire a personal trainer are primarily thinking of their looks. But for us professionals our priority is to make you healthier and looks simply are a byproduct of health. 

Experience and ‘cheap’ do not come together. Please put your priorities first: if you want someone to stand next to you and count your reps on chest press you might get away with paying less money and getting a few injuries. If you want someone to push you above your limits and keep you injury free you might need to pay that bit more.


Whatever your goals, budget or availability you should find a personal trainer that fits your needs. Whether a female or male personal trainer you should take the extra time when you start looking for one.

I have been active in this business for over 5 years now and I have seen a lot of different trainers as well as a good list of clients. We are all different and we all have different needs as well as liking different things. 

Your ideal personal trainer might just be a click away!

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