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“Justina is probably one of the best female personal trainers London based
in terms of knowledge, determination and professionality. Highly recommended!!”

Patri Hernandez


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"Some people think achieving dreams happens to others, not them. But this is only a state of mind. If you put yourself in my hands together we can work on your dream body and mind." Female personal trainer London based Justina helps you achieve your dreams!

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✔ SARAH lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks
After assessing her needs we created a custom plan and worked together for 2 weeks.
That's all it took.

✔ PAUL gained 3 kg of lean body mass
After assessing his needs we created a custom plan and worked together for 90 days.
That's all it took.

✔ SHREENA prepared for a wedding in just 2 months
After looking at her particular situation we created a custom plan.
That's all it took.

✔ ROSALEEN has done her first 10 press up in her 50s
Her goal was to do 1 press up before the new year.
We achieved 10.


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